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About Us

Established in 1991 

Bimal Kiri launched the Optic Shop in 1991. Our aim has been to offer the best possible service at the most reasonable prices. The success of the first shop meant we were able to expand rapidly throughout the 1990s and we now have several high street outlets as well as additional franchises supporting the high quality of service and value for money demanded by the Optic Shop.

Having gained invaluable experience the natural progression was to develop our retail philosophy to an on-line store applying the same core values of the Optic Shop – namely offering a wide range of quality spectacles at the most competitive prices whilst maintaining very high standards of service.

To this end we have worked very closely with our web designers to produce a simple clear website in order to make purchasing glasses easy and enjoyable.

We have a team of registered opticians and experienced staff working to ensure the highest level of care. Our on-site laboratories mean that our technicians can offer a fast and individual service. All orders are examined by a qualified member of staff and all spectacles are checked before being dispatched.

With the very latest designs (including a fabulous selection of designer labels and sunglasses) you are sure to find the best that any on-line shop has to offer.


Enjoy your glasses!

Bimal Kiri

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