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Returns Policy


 Cancellation can only be done before the product is dispatched on the following terms and conditions :

  • Sunglass/Frame/Contact Lenses – Cancellation can be done before the product is shipped or within 12 hrs of booking the order (whichever is earlier).
  • Once the product is shipped the company will not accept any cancellation.
  • Complete Spectacles (Frame + Lens) - Cancellation can be done within 4hrs or before the lens are processed since these are customized lenses.
  • The company reserves the right to cancel an order. The reason for cancellation could be due to :
  1. In case the order request is not acceptable to the company.
  2. Non-availability of the product.
  3. Inaccurate product information or pricing discrepancies.
  4. Due to reasons of any fraud.
  5. Wrong usage of payment made by customer or incomplete information received from the customer.

Upon such cancellation made by the customer with intimation being given to the company within the prescribed time period mentioned above, then in that case the company shall refund 100% of the money and not otherwise.


  • Sunglass/Frame – Product has to be returned within 7 days after receiving the parcel but not more than 14 days from the date of receipt by the company. Once the product is returned to us, we will inspect the product before making the refund.
  • Refund can be made only if the product is in unworn & brand new condition, original seal box, instruction paper, warranty & other accessories if any. The product should not have been used or should not have any dirt or scratches or wear and tear or any kind of bent or twisted. The price tag and any other identification tag, the invoice and the original packing must be intact and in toto.
  • In case the customer receives an incorrect product the customer is requested to contact the customer care as early as possible but not later than 3 days of receipt.
  • Pricing shown on the product may vary as displayed on the website due to any technical or typographical error or information received from the supplier`s prices. In such cases the company shall make 100% refunds.
  • The customer shall not accept the parcel if the seal is broken.

The Following Table Shown Herein Will Enable The Customers To Know The Criteria Relating To Cancellation And Refund :

If seal of the contact lens box is unopened or the box is not damaged

90% Refund

(10% Deduction as handling/processing Charges)

If seal is brokenOpen Box cannot be Refunded under any circumstances, even if lens inside them are unused


If parcel is received in brand new condition

85% Refund

(15% Deduction as Cancellation Charges)

If seal is broken

75% Refund

25% Deduction as Cancellation Charges. It is considered since the seal is open the product has been used


If parcel is received in brand new conditionCost of Powered Lenses cannot be refunded under any circumstances since these are customized.

Only Frame Cost can be refunded.

N.B. All refunds are subject to refund of the entire invoice products and not in parts.


 - If you are not happy with the product you can exchange the product with another one of equivalent price within 7 days of receiving the product - After we receive & inspect the product we shall mail you the e-coupon code ( with the same value ) which is to be redeemed within 7 days after receiving the e-coupon - The face value of the e-coupon will be equal to the amount of purchase made earlier. During the exchange the amount exceeding the face value needs to be paid & on the other hand if the amount of exchanged product is less than the face value then the remaining amount shall be forfeited. - In case of Contact Lenses exchange is not possible if box or its seal is opened or damaged. - The re-delivery of the product will attract a charge of Rs 200/- (Two Hundred Only) as delivery charges.

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