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Ciba Vision Focus Dailies (30 Lenses/box) Editor�â�€�™s Note Ciba Vision Focus Dailies (30 Lenses/box) bring a fresh, new pair of contact lens for every day. High on comfort and quality, these are made up of Nelfilcon A material with high water content. Description: Offer great wearing experience ..
Johnson & Johnson MOIST ACUVUE (30 Lenses/box) Editor’s Note Johnson & Johnson Moist ACUVUE (30 Lenses/box) provides a fresh feel all throughout the wearing time. Etafilcon A material offers a smooth layer throughout the lens providing the wearer a comfortable experience. Description: Offer great ..
Soflens Daily Disposable (30 Lens per Box) Bausch & Lomb Editor�â�€�™s Note Bausch & Lomb Soflens Daily Disposable (30 Lenses/box) offer remarkable comfort throughout the day. Designed with an aspheric anterior surface, these improve vision and smoothen the interaction between lens and lid during b..
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