What are types of frames available in eye wear?

Full Frame Readers:

This is the most common type of glasses frame. Full frame readers are generally worn on the bridge of your nose, and are available in bifocal, fully magnified, computer, and reading glass.

full frame reading glasses

Half Frame Readers:

Half frame reading glasses improve nearsighted vision while leaving your distance view unobstructed by a frame or lens. You can expect half frame readers to have a shorter lens height. Generally worn towards the end of your nose, this lightweight option is perfect for those who only need corrective lenses for up-close viewing.

Stylish Half Rim Glasses For Women - Eyewearlabs.com

Rimless Readers:

Rimless glasses are light and minimal. These readers will provide the magnification you need while leaving your line of vision unobstructed by frames. If you want a barely-there feel in your glasses, check out our variety of rimless styles.

rimless reading glasses

Blue Light Glasses:

Blue light glasses help optimize your eyesight when viewing your computer or digital screen. If you spend long hours looking at a computer, tablet, television, or phone, chances are your eyes are bearing some of the potentially harmful effects of blue light. Wearing blue light glasses can help reduce headaches, blurred vision, eyestrain, and other symptoms of Computer Vision.

blue light reading glasses

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