What is special about sunglasses?

There are also scratch-resistant lenses made of plastic or polycarbonate that are more durable than the untreated lenses. Perfect for various activities, the special scratch-resistant coating makes these lenses ideal for regular use.

They protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays, which could otherwise lead to cataracts. They protect against “blue light” from the solar spectrum, which could increase your risk of macular degeneration. They lead to improved and more comfortable vision from not having to squint.

Best Sunglass Quality

  • UV protection. As much as we want to look stylish, the most important function of a pair of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun
  • Lens size counts. The larger the lens, the more of your eye it will protect
  • Polarized lenses
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Titanium frames
  • Lens Color

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